A Q&A with Align Workforce Solutions’ Newest Technical Recruiter, Carin Anderson

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Align Workforce Solutions continues to grow its team to ensure we have the industry’s most successful recruiters that help find, place and keep the best candidates for our clients. We’ve recently welcomed our newest Senior Technical Recruiter to our team, Carin Anderson, who specializes in Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire placements. We’ve asked Carin to answer a few questions regarding what drives her in matching the best applicants with our clients, as well as for her to share some professional and personal goals as she joins Align. Read on to get to know Carin a bit more!

What do you love most about your job?

I love the fast pace of the recruiting sector. What drives me most in my job is having the ability to build strong relationships with candidates and clients. Also, I love that I am always learning new skills and cutting-edge technologies that keeps me in the forefront of the tech sector.

What are the top two goals you want to achieve in your new position?  

  1. Knowledge and background story of all the clients
  2. Build a huge candidate base within LinkedIn Recruiter and become a Super User

What are some of the benefits companies get when they hire a firm instead of handling recruitment themselves? 

I would say among the key benefits would be that they are able to receive top talent for their positions in a shorter amount of time (many times a recruiter will submit “proven performers” that they have placed before) than if they were going at it alone. There is also a huge financial benefit to companies for not having to spend hours weeding through hundreds of resumes. We do this all day; every day and are able to go through hundreds of profiles quickly and efficiently to find the right talent that matches their specific needs.

What would you say are the biggest attributes a company should keep in mind when they seek to recruit an IT candidate today?

I would say there are four: Skillset; Accomplishments; Personality; and the ability to learn and be open to new ideas and how excited they are about what they do.

What three things should an IT candidate keep in mind when interviewing? 

These three are “a must” in my opinion:

  • Be on time
  • Research the company and the people who will be interviewing you
  • Give specific examples when answering questions and ask questions (have them prepared) about the short- and long-term goals of the company/position.

It is also critical to follow up with a thank you note and why you are a fit for the position. (Give this to your recruiter to forward to the manager)

Which are you seeing more of and why do you think that is in today’s IT world: contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire positions? 

Contract-to-hire by far. Companies see this as a “try before you buy” approach. This is very attractive to clients because they can really get a feel of the candidate’s current skill set, but also their potential skill set and willingness to learn new things so they can grow with the company. Also, companies are able to get a strong sense of personality, the way that they conduct themselves and handle change, during the contract phase. If a contractor possesses these elements, they are a sound investment for the company to offer them a permanent position.

What candidate skillsets are most in demand?

All aspects of network and system infrastructure and Research and Development (R&D).

Casual workplace attire, onsite amenities, flexible work hours, corporate retreat/gatherings—are these things still important?

Very much so, especially flexible work hours or the ability to work remote.

Fun Questions

If you had all the means required and time to do it, what is the one thing on your bucket list you would do immediately? 

Travel the country and buy a lake house.

You and your family are avid campers. Where is the one place you haven’t RV’d/camped at that and would like to? 

East Coast.

Finish this statement: “I wish…”

all of my family lived in one location.

We at Align Workforce Solutions, are super excited to welcome Carin to our team!

Contact us today to work with Carin or use the form below to get in touch.

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