Companies of all shapes and sizes are fighting over a diminishing pool of desirable software, data, and DevOps engineers. The winners of the war on talent will be those that innovate upon antiquated recruiting cycles and hiring processes. Here are some ways you can attract and retain the technical talent that will maximize your team’s productivity.

  • Evaluation Process
    • Your hiring manager’s time is extremely valuable, so you need to qualify a candidate’s competence before they’re ready for an interview. However, giving an advanced backend engineer a basic coding challenge before they have even been scheduled for a meeting with a hiring manager demonstrates a lack of respect for the candidate’s time and experience. Most active candidates will immediately become disinterested because they already have other offers on the table. Furthermore, it will affect the morale, and in turn the productivity, of new hires.
      • Streamline the interview process by scheduling an interview 7-10 days in advance and providing an assessment simultaneously. This will keep the candidate motivated by giving them a meeting to look forward to.
      • Standardized tests suck. Have the hiring manager create their own assessment. This will save your candidates’ time while completing the assessment, and the hiring manager’s time while evaluating it.
  • Compensation Discussion
    • When recruiters ask people for their compensation expectations, candidates are forced into a defensive mindset. They’ll have to leave themselves room for negotiation.
      • Instead, have recruiters ask what their current total compensation package looks like. Then, share the approved salary range. By doing so, you’ll cut out toxic discussions about who is worth how much and foster a positive culture. Transparency from all parties leads to mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Offer Stage
    • Every offer letter should include all of the following:
      • Genuine feedback and a personal message
      • Opportunity for a performance bonus
      • Clear path for career progression

We all know how crazy the labor market is. By simplifying the technical recruiting cycle, we successfully find and recruit software, data, and DevOps engineers for clients nationwide. If you need help attracting technical talent, please schedule a meeting with us at Align Workforce Solutions.