About Us

Our Mission

We’re more than just a staffing company. We are a difference-maker. We strive to leave a positive, lasting impression on those we serve.

Our Team

Jason Lammers Managing Partner



As the Founder and Managing Partner, Jason oversees our entire operation. He has built the network, the infrastructure, and the team that we now know as Align Workforce Solutions.

Ayushi Thinda Operations Manager

Head of Operations

Head of Operations

An essential part of the team, Ayushi serves as Align’s Operations Manager. She handles all backend aspects of the company, from reviewing contracts, preparing Certificates of Insurance, Accounts Payable/Receivable, etc.

Mitchell Corsini Head of Talent

Head of Talent

Head of Talent

As the leader of recruitment activities, Mitch is passionate about making meaningful connections. His keen ability to learn and understand the needs of our clients’ is one of the primary causes of our success.

Senior Recruiter


As a driven but friendly people person, Ivy adds value by consistently making connections and matching candidates with jobs to fit their needs and experience. She enjoys providing both clients and candidates with excellent customer service.
Shawn Jain

Chief Strategy Officer

Head of Client Strategy

As the head of client strategy and business development, Shawn is actively involved in all aspects of Align’s operations. He enjoys finding new ways to add value to clients and is an asset to any decision maker.
Ryan Mulligan

Director, Client Development

Director of Client Development

Ryan’s role within Align is to build relationships with his clients that will last much longer than the first role that he fills. He enjoys learning new technologies and helping clients grow.